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Coronavirus Update:
Due to the governor’s order In Carol’s Care will be closed for the time being.  I will comply with the State’s order as far as reopening the business. Please feel free to check back with me.
During this time I will be giving Wellness Consultations.  Strengthening immunity is my expertise as I have been living with an autoimmune condition for 20 years. I can provide you with a huge knowledge base for your toolbox during this difficult time to help keep you safe. I am not a medical professional and do not treat or diagnose any disease.   I am also offering The Standard Process Protocol for immune and viral support. Please call me for specific info on their protocol and for ordering.
I am also giving long distance Reiki and energy healing sessions.
Please call me for more info:  216 221-8832
Stay safe and healthy.  I miss every one of you and am looking forward to helping you in the near future.
Love to you,  Carol

Carol Krentzman, certified Colon Hydrotherapist
As owner/operatpr of In Carol’s Care Carol Krentzman has 12 years experience as a Colon Hydrotherapist. she has provided a nurturing environment for hundreds of clients on their way to creating a more healthy lifestyle since 2002She is the only therapist in the Cleveland area who is nationally certified by The International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy( IACT ).
Carol offers her extensive experience and wisdom which stems from her own healing through many years of trial and error. She has knowledge of many health issues, such as candida, food allergies constipation, parasites, as well as problems with inflammation. Her caring and breadth of knowledge has made a tremendous impact on her clients over the years.
The intention and mission at In Carol’s Care is to provide you with the highest level of nurturing and education, and to assist you on your journey towards better health—not only physically but on a soul level.